Monday, June 6, 2011

How Sweet Your Pineapple?

Golden Juanita MD2 Pineapple

This is our Golden Juanita MD2 Pineapple where we measure the brix one day before harvesting for export market. Amazing where the brix shows 13 and as high as 17. With the skin still green on the outside, its really incredible. Our Golden Juanita MD2 Pineapple easily can hit 20 point brix when it is harvested at maturity index 3 and above. Below chart shows brix point for several fruits and vegetables where you can found on the internet and we highlight with yellow for pineapple.

Variety, maturity, size, soil/mineral contain and weather might contribute to the sweetness brix of the pineapple. Any differences will contribute to the difference result. Here on our farm, we are happy to produce amazing Golden Juanita MD2 pineapple with those kind sweetness for our customer.

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