Sunday, January 16, 2011

Basic MD2 Pineapple Maturity Index

MD2 Pineapple Maturity Index
There are a lot of pineapple maturity guidelines nowadays, basically we measure our MD2 pineapple maturity/ripeness as above after the fruit reach maturity level. We divide the maturity index from 1 to 5. Each maturity stage determined by their golden colour appearance from bottom to the top. 

Index 1
Suitable for fresh export purpose especially which take 7-20 days transit time.
Index 2
Suitable for fresh export purpose (<7 days transit time) and domestic market.
Index 3
Suitable for fresh domestic market and great for immediate consumption.
Index 4
Still Suitable for fresh domestic market.
Index 5
Too matured to be traded for fresh but still good for juice production.

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