Friday, December 17, 2010

Fresh MD2 Pineapple

Looking for a best pineapple in town? Here is MD2 pineapple. With a beautiful shape, colour, smell and supersweet delicious taste... you might not forget about it. 
Our Golden Juanita MD2 pineapple originated from Philippine and planted in Malaysia at the state of Johor (Ulu Tiram and Kluang). Nowadays we are the biggest MD2 pineapple supplier in the country. With good prospect and full of potential on this variety, we are keep expanding the farm and aiming to have 1,000 ha in 3-5 years. These pineapple is available for export and local consumption. 


  1. dear sir
    i m interested to know whether your company supply and sell MD2 seedling to kuching sarawak.Can you uote your price.

  2. please email:

  3. Hello, we are in requirement of MD2 Pineapples on bulk basis for export. Contact at: