Thursday, April 4, 2013

New Office

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Starting from 1st April 2013, we are moving to our new office at 24B & 26B, Jalan Padi Satu, Bandar Baru Uda, 81200 Johor Bahru, Johor.

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Monday, June 6, 2011

How Sweet Your Pineapple?

Golden Juanita MD2 Pineapple

This is our Golden Juanita MD2 Pineapple where we measure the brix one day before harvesting for export market. Amazing where the brix shows 13 and as high as 17. With the skin still green on the outside, its really incredible. Our Golden Juanita MD2 Pineapple easily can hit 20 point brix when it is harvested at maturity index 3 and above. Below chart shows brix point for several fruits and vegetables where you can found on the internet and we highlight with yellow for pineapple.

Variety, maturity, size, soil/mineral contain and weather might contribute to the sweetness brix of the pineapple. Any differences will contribute to the difference result. Here on our farm, we are happy to produce amazing Golden Juanita MD2 pineapple with those kind sweetness for our customer.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

MD2 Pineapple Suckers/Seedling

MD2 Pineapple Suckers/Seedling
Good quality pineapple come from good planting material. Some of the factor should be consider during selecting planting material are as follows:-
1. Variety (Ensure the best sell-able variety selected) 
2. Type (Suckers/Tissue Culture/Crown) Tips!: Suckers has a great survival percentage on the field.
3. Quantity available (Sufficient for the area prepared)
4. Size (Bigger is better)
5. Source (Reliable and have good track record)
6. Price (One of investment which need to be compare with the return) Tips!: Consider payback period, number of suckers to be produced, margin, fruit and suckers market price in the future.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Basic MD2 Pineapple Maturity Index

MD2 Pineapple Maturity Index
There are a lot of pineapple maturity guidelines nowadays, basically we measure our MD2 pineapple maturity/ripeness as above after the fruit reach maturity level. We divide the maturity index from 1 to 5. Each maturity stage determined by their golden colour appearance from bottom to the top. 

Index 1
Suitable for fresh export purpose especially which take 7-20 days transit time.
Index 2
Suitable for fresh export purpose (<7 days transit time) and domestic market.
Index 3
Suitable for fresh domestic market and great for immediate consumption.
Index 4
Still Suitable for fresh domestic market.
Index 5
Too matured to be traded for fresh but still good for juice production.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Transit Time Summary

Do you have any idea how many days you can receive your product? This is an indication table if you are importing product from us where we use Tanjung Pelepas Port as a port of loading. This table prepared are base on current (1/1/2011) schedule provided on respective liner. For more detail, you can contact us or visit respective liner via their website link as provided here under 'RELATED LINK' on the right side.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hot Pineapple Tips!

1. Best pineapple for consumption
Did you know how to choose best pineapple ready for consumption?
Every pineapple variety have difference maturity index between each other. In order to find the best pineapple ready for consumption, we should know what is the pineapple maturity index we would like to purchase on the market. On average at maturity index 3, or 1/4 to 2/4 golden/yellow colour appear from the bottom to the top, the pineapple is great for consumption at that time. 

Other factor that we should consider is the ripening process. Pineapple which is ripen on the storage have a difference sweetness as compare to pineapple which is naturally ripen on the farm. Pineapple which naturally ripen on the farm normally more sweeter. 

If you are the buyer or importer, you should consider the journey of your pineapple. Shorter journey is better because you can bring more matured pineapple which can give better taste as compare to others. In addition, you also can reduce the damage risk and have more time to distribute and sell in the market.

2. Pineapple and water
Water is very important for every plant to survive and grow better but did you know that pineapple plant is quiet sensitive with water? Without sufficient water, pineapple still can grow and might produce small fruit but excessive water holding in your farm for a few hours can invite disease and destroy your plant.

One good advise is to maintain you drain properly in order to control water level where can give optimum input to your pineapple. 

3. Pineapple and Soil
In general every soil have difference PH and nutrient. Without any additional input or fertilizer, plant will grow differently. For commercial planting it is advisable to analyze your soil PH and nutrient before planting activities take place. Soil analysis can help you to add required fertilizer to your plant in producing good quality fruit. Without analyzing the soil condition, you might add same nutrient to the soil which is totally wasting.

WE CARE WE SHARE......Have a nice day

Do you know how to plant pineapple?

In general, pineapple is one of the cultivar which is easy to plant here in Malaysia. Easy here refer to soil type where pineapple can grow. In Malaysia, basically we have two type of soil for commercial planting which call mineral and peat soil. Pineapple can grow healthy in both soil area subject to right planting technique being applied. Below are basic pineapple planting process which apply in most of pineapple farm in Malaysia.

Basic Pineapple Planting Process
1. Land Preparation
2. Preparation of Planting Material (Suckers/Seedling) 
3. Cultivation
4. Weed Control
5. Fertilization
6. Flower Induction
7. Fruit Size Manipulation (Certain variety for canning only)
8. Harvesting 

For further detail you are most welcome to contact us at

All the above process must be taken care in order to produce good and healthy pineapple for consumption. However other factor such extraordinary weather condition and wild animal disturbance may reduce total pineapple production.