Thursday, December 30, 2010

Do you know how to plant pineapple?

In general, pineapple is one of the cultivar which is easy to plant here in Malaysia. Easy here refer to soil type where pineapple can grow. In Malaysia, basically we have two type of soil for commercial planting which call mineral and peat soil. Pineapple can grow healthy in both soil area subject to right planting technique being applied. Below are basic pineapple planting process which apply in most of pineapple farm in Malaysia.

Basic Pineapple Planting Process
1. Land Preparation
2. Preparation of Planting Material (Suckers/Seedling) 
3. Cultivation
4. Weed Control
5. Fertilization
6. Flower Induction
7. Fruit Size Manipulation (Certain variety for canning only)
8. Harvesting 

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All the above process must be taken care in order to produce good and healthy pineapple for consumption. However other factor such extraordinary weather condition and wild animal disturbance may reduce total pineapple production.

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