Tuesday, January 18, 2011

MD2 Pineapple Suckers/Seedling

MD2 Pineapple Suckers/Seedling
Good quality pineapple come from good planting material. Some of the factor should be consider during selecting planting material are as follows:-
1. Variety (Ensure the best sell-able variety selected) 
2. Type (Suckers/Tissue Culture/Crown) Tips!: Suckers has a great survival percentage on the field.
3. Quantity available (Sufficient for the area prepared)
4. Size (Bigger is better)
5. Source (Reliable and have good track record)
6. Price (One of investment which need to be compare with the return) Tips!: Consider payback period, number of suckers to be produced, margin, fruit and suckers market price in the future.

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